Multi-Device Apps and Clipboard Support

Easily create applications that use your system’s clipboard to copy and paste text or images.

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How to get the array using the TJSONIterator Delphi

Learn how to iterate through a JSON array using the built in TJsonTextReader and TJSONIterator functionality in Delphi.

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Receiving push notifications from Apple and Google’s push services

Do you want to send and receive push notifications to your mobile app? You could use an existing BAAS providers, but you could also use either Apple or Google’s push services as well – very easy to do with Delphi.

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Webinar LiveBindings for VCL developers – 16 February

Join the team for Live Q&A as we rewind and replay a recent popular webinars.

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Cool Apps & Niagara Falls

Join Jim and Nick for the latest pod cast discussing cool mobile apps built with FireMonkey

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Native code in todays landscape

Natively compiled code is making a significant comeback, in a variety of scenarios. Read Marco’s latest thoughts on native code.

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